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Since my childhood I had the organic need to express my whole being through my voice.

At the age of 16, in my first singing lesson, I experienced the sounds of opera, which touched me deeply and inflamed my love for opera singing.

At the same time I met Buddhism and the Mantras. The meditation through the voice was ideal for me. Chanting mantras made me aware of my mission: to sing, to research the voice and to share my knowledge about the technical and healing aspects of singing and speaking.

For many years I have been living in a challenging conflict between the dream of becoming an opera singer and the daily obstacles of sitting at the piano to practice. Nevertheless, I did not give up. I continued to attend singing lessons and graduated in musicology from the University of Bologna in 1994. In this challenging process, in which I wanted to sing but failed to practice, something deep inside me was unlocked. I had to experience inner blocking patterns, such as perfectionism, lack of confidence in my voice and in my ability to orient myself when practicing on my own, as well as pressure from social and family expectations. These restrictions showed me the path on how to intuitively follow my voice and the inherent intelligence of life. My voice developed in rhythm with the liberation from physical, mental, energetic and spiritual pain and the associated negative beliefs.


In 1999 I met Mrs. Rohmert and began my studies at the Lichtenberg Institute for Applied Voice Physiology. With Mrs. Rohmert I found a new, healing way to my voice and discovered the magical level of singing.


This transformation process has opened my heart and at the same time developed my singing and voice coaching skills. In all my coaching and teaching activities, I put special emphasis on creating a judgmental-free space.



In 2000 my wonderful daughter Artemisia was born and shortly afterwards my independence as a vocal coach began.


In 2009 I decided to complete a Master's degree in Extended Music Pedagogy at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Through David Thorner and his great, classical and operistic singing pedagogy my own development was further enriched.


Today I experience singing and the voice not only as something beautiful and beneficial, but also as a medicine and one of the most important keys to personal transformation.



In 1986 I met Buddhism and Mantra Meditation.


Although I always had trouble practicing singing in a disciplined manner, I could chant mantras daily with ease.


This steady spiritual practice has set a great transformation process in motion that has enabled me to break through this blockage, never give up and realize my dream of putting voice work at the center of my work.


It is with great pleasure that I have been passing on the ancient sound technology of the Mantras to many people in classes, seminars and workshops since 2012.




In 2017 my passion for mantras led me to Amritsar, India. With Parvinder Singh Khalsa, a Sikh Naad Yogi, I have been deepening the art of Naad Yoga with great joy ever since. Naad Yoga deals with mantras and ancient voice frequencies that yogis use to connect with the original life energy and thus experience the healing, harmonizing and rejuvenating effects of Naad Yoga in everyday life. In my classes, seminars and workshops I have since then specifically incorporated Naad Yoga exercises.




Since 2000 I have been working as a transformative voice coach for singing and speaking.


Master of Advanced Studies at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in Extended Music Pedagogy

Diploma as vocal pedagogue at the Lichtenberger Institute for Applied Voice Physiology, Germany

Doctor of Musicology at the University of Bologna, Italy

Continuing education:

Seminars on the Healing by Gene Ang

Seminars in Jin Jin Jitsu (a traditional Japanese healing art) by Waltraud Riegger-Krause

Seminars in Somatic Experience by Peter Levine and Raaja Selvam

Seminars in the healing Voice by Jill Purce

Seminars in ancestral & family healing by Jill Purce


German,English, Italian