10 Benefits of Mantra Meditation:

1. It increases your consciousness

2. It balances your nervous and hormonal systems

3. It reduces tension and stress

4. It eliminates poisons from your body

5. It activates healing processes in the cells

6. It relaxes and energizes organs and cells

7It deepens and expands your breathing capacity

8. It increases the release of happiness hormones, and calms down brain waves

9. It reduces low emotions such as anger, greed, anxiety and jealousy

10. PIt increases positive feelings such as security, joy, love and confidence

What are Mantras ?


Mantras are syllables, words or verses that generate precious healing vibrations. Most mantras are in Sanskrit, the oldest language of mankind, also known as the mother of all languages.

Singing or chanting mantras has transformative effects on our psyche, our body and our soul. In a nutshell, mantra means: a tool for the spirit that gives help and protection to the human being. It doesn't matter what faith or religion we belong to, mantras are a universal sound language that speak to both our cells and our soul.

Ganesha, Shiva, Saraswati, Kali and Krishna are just a few of the many figures you often encounter in the mantras. Each of them represents a specific aspect of life and a particular form of energy with which we connect during mantra meditation.

Heike Klingebiel, Owner of Shakti Ayurveda & Yoga Centre 


"Your mantra workshop with voice coaching quickly led me into the body, into its interior and out of the head. A wonderful space where it is quiet, peaceful and powerful. Feeling the chakras with Bija mantras and making them vibrate let me come into a wonderful inner flow and strengthened the self-confidence to sing."