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Online class via zoom

Registration is possible up to 1 hour before the start of the class



"Discover, open and free the power of your voice and find the source in you to go about your everyday life with joy and fulfillment."


In this 90 minute class you will train your voice and get it out of your comfort zone. Our voices create an oasis that immerses us in the deep healing power of mantra meditation. Since energies are released through the mantra meditation, we set a conscious, personal intention in front of each class that supports us in achieving new goals.


The 90 minute class consists of:



Through targeted singing and vocal exercises, you develop the power of your voice and expand its volume and sound range. You will learn to use your breathing effectively for speaking and singing and thus to give the voice more volume.



In this form of meditation we chant and chant mantras. This has transformative effects on our psyche, our body and our soul. The mantras give you inner peace and awaken your life force. They put you in a meditative state in which you free yourself from constantly circling thoughts and create space for new things.


It doesn't matter which belief or religion we belong to, mantras are a universal sound language that speak to our cells as well as to our soul.


This class is suitable for everyone who:

  • Want to develop and train your voice for singing and speaking

  • Want to increase your vitality and joy through your own voice

  • Want to deepen and strengthen your breathing

  • Want to experience the beneficial benefits of mantra meditation

  • Teach yoga and have a desire to enrich their lessons by chanting mantras



How much does the online class cost?

I offer individual classes at a sliding scale price * of Fr. 34.- to Fr. 52.- (students from Fr. 25.- +)
All classes can be booked together in the sliding scale mode * from CHF 90 to CHF 144

(students from CHF 70 +).

If you are in financial straits, you can contact me.


* Sliding Scale is a variable price depending on financial possibilities