Give your voice charisma and persuasiveness!

Learn to inspire your listeners with a melodious voice and a natural performance. Discover how to motivate your audience with your voice.


I will support you to:


  • Stabilize and expand the power of your voice

  • Develop the courage to give your voice more room

  • Expand vocal resonance

  • Deepen and expand breathing so that you don't lose breath when speaking

  • Connect your voice with body and breath when you speak

  • Dissolve energetic patterns and emotions that block the voice and the body

  • Stay connected to your center in stressful situations and optimize the effectiveness of your performances

More about the success factor voice


Several studies confirm that the effect of a message depends 38 percent on the voice and only seven percent on the content. The voice and its sound are of great importance in all professions that are in close contact with people. The power of persuasion and the success of managers, salespeople, teachers and politicians in meetings, presentations, video conferences and telephone conversations strongly depend on a resonant and secure voice. A strong and authentic voice is especially the result of deep breathing, a purposeful use of all vocal resonances and the ability to reconnect with your own center.


Martin Jufer, Member of the Group Management Board of GAM Holding Ltd.

"Through the voice and breath training with Sabina I could solve speech blockades in a short time. This enabled me to give a speech in a foreign language to a large international audience in a convincing and enjoyable manner. Sabina's lessons are tailor-made, goal-oriented and intensive. And they are fun!"