Unfold the power of your voice and sing with a new ease!


My Transformative Coaching enables you to:

  • Expand your vocal range

  • Unfold your personal timbre

  • Learn a deep, organic breathing that ideally supports your singing

  • Strengthen the relationship between voice, body and breathing

  • Activate the healing power of your voice for body, mind and soul

I will support you in developing your singing in all styles. I am especially at home in classical music, pop, world music and spiritual music.

More about your own voice


The voice is one of the most important instruments to connect body and soul, to expand our consciousness and to activate physical, psychological and spiritual healing.

Singing can work wonders. Among other things, it produces an increased release of happiness hormones, strengthens the immune system and reduces stress.

The voice is the gateway to one's own self. It reflects all the patterns and beliefs that lie dormant within us. Uncertainties or repressed things are deposited on our voice as well as joy, passion and confidence. These various impressions are all stored energetically in us and can block one or more of our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, energetic body).

If we follow the path of the liberation of our voice, these blockages come to the surface and we can transform them with the help of our voice. The dissolved energy flows back into our singing and speaking as well as into our whole body and is available for new creative processes.
The courage to be yourself and to act self-confidently from your own center are just some of the many benefits of this liberating process.

Dechen Shak-Dagsay, singer

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"Dear Sabina, I enjoy the hours with you, because they let me recognize undiscovered facets of my voice. You have the great talent to respond to the needs of your students and to give them valuable tools. I thank you very much warmly for that. "