Date and time: 25 January 2020 from 10 a.m - 11.45 a.m

Place: CeCile Joho Studio, Waldmannstr. 8, 8001 Zurich




The 105 minute class consists of a strengthening VOICE COACHING, an inspiring MANTRA SINGING and SHAVASANA, accompanied by a Hang instrument.


In this class our voices are accompanied by me on the harmonium and by Tony Majdalani on the percussions.

Tony has many years of experience as a percussionist and drummer. He gives seminars, and classes, often in combination with movement, dance and communication. His interest lies in using percussion for consciousness expansion and transformation.



Through specific singing and vocal exercises you develop the power of your voice and increase its volume and sound range. You will learn to use your breathing effectively for speaking and singing, giving your voice more volume.



In this form of meditation we sing and chant mantras.  This has transformative effects on our psyche, our body and our soul.
The mantras give you inner peace and awaken your life force. They put you in a meditative state in which you free yourself from constantly circling thoughts and create space for something new.


It doesn't matter what faith or religion we belong to, mantras are a universal sound language that speak to both our cells and our soul.

SHAVASANA (15 min) with HANG and other instruments...


It doesn't matter what faith or religion we belong to, mantras are a universal sound language that speaks to both our cells and our soul. We deepen mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition and also from Sanskrit.


This class is for you to:

  • Develop and train your voice for singing and speaking

  • Increase their vitality and joy through their own voice

  • Deepen and strengthen your breathing

  • Experience the healing benefits of mantra meditation

  • And for yoga teachers who wish to enrich their teaching by singing and chanting mantras


Price: Try out class (one-time) Fr. 45.-/ 30.-

           Package 10 classes: Fr. 400.-/ 300.- (10 month validity) 

            Package 10 classes: Fr. 225.-/ 150.- (5 month validity) 


with registration or just drop in!

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